How hormonal fluctuations affect appetite and what you can do about it

Cookies that are cut into letters and arranged to spell the word “HUNGER”

Many women experience a sudden increase in appetite a few days before and during menstruation. This feeling of hunger can feel overpowering and can lead to feelings of guilt and shame when we’re unable to resist.

If you’ve ever felt this way, there’s no reason to despair. It’s actually a…

How to make sense of all the different ways you can eat produce

Young woman holding a green apple and an orange in the super market

Fruits and veggies are considered an essential part of a balanced diet, but many people often have questions about whether both dehydrated and freeze-dried produce contain the same nutritional value as when they’re fresh. Learning more about the process of dehydrating and freeze drying can help to clear some confusion.


Learn about why we stress-eat and 6 tips for overcoming the vicious cycle

Stress levels have been on the rise over the years and have especially skyrocketed during the pandemic. This has resulted in a sudden surge in related issues such as the symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders, hair loss, irregular menstrual cycles, and relapses into substances and eating disorders. …

Identify your limit and use these 5 tips to harness the power of healthy habits to cut down on drinking

Headlines about alcohol consumption can be confusing. One day you may see a headline stating that a glass of wine is associated with positive benefits for health and the next day you may see a headline stating that any amount of alcohol can hurt your health. …

Repair your relationship with food by following these 10 principles.

As I wrote last week, at the beginning of each year, millions of us make a resolution to improve our health and lose weight. The most common way people intend to lose this weight is through a dieting approach.

These diets are often extreme. My Team and I have personally…

3 Tips for mindful eating, plus a mindful eating exercise.

According to research by the Economic Research Service (ERS), Americans spend about 75 minutes per day eating and drinking, but we’re often doing other things too, like watching Netflix, scrolling through our phone, or working. Multitasking while eating can distort our perceptions, which can result in over-eating or under-eating. …

Joslyn Raquel

Nutrition Expert and Co-Founder of FIT & NU™

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